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Contradictions of corporate training 2021

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2020 was an uncertain time for everyone. Corporate training has faced rapid changes that have revolutionized the way we learn and develop ourselves at work.

In this report, we draw conclusions on the challenges and contradictions associated with skill training in organizations from a survey of 1,500 HR professionals and employees across various sectors. The analysis of the data obtained reveals some tensions between the different actors within the corporate training sector, but also points to some common ground and key trends for 2021.

Some key findings

  • 72% of HR professionals have rushed to move their corporate training from face-to-face to online in 2020.
  • 33% of employees believe the main problem with online training is that it is boring.
  • 60% of HR departments plan to increase the budget for online training in 2021.
  • 48% of employees chose the digital format least used by companies as their favorite to receive training.

Expert opinions

  • Kim Currykosky

    Director, Field Employee Training

    "Where there was once a balance of traditional and virtual classroom offerings, we are now seeing exclusively online offerings"
  • Juan Tinoco

    HR Director Southern European Cluster

    "The time has come for employees to be aware that they are the owners of their training and development."

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  • Data obtained from surveys conducted on 1,500 HR professionals and employees from diverse sectors, in the United States, Mexico, France, and Spain.
  • Graphs and infographics that reveal where there is alignment and misalighment between the parties involved in corporate training.
  • Case studies of well-known organizations that support the conclusions drawn from respondents' answers.
  • Opinions of professionals and experts in talent management and development fields.

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